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Brand Power in the investment community
01/02/2005 | By Illuminas
Halifax is the cream of the UK investment crop 2005. Halifax has been rated the UK’s most powerful investment brand in the inaugural Citigate Investment Brand Power League Table...
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How and When to use Semiotics in brand research?
07/06/2010 | By Jonathan Fletcher
A semiotic analysis looks at the way in which a brand’s category and wider cultural contexts are changing, through the way these are reflected in media such as packaging, advertising, TV, film and print. While Semiotics can sometimes be too esoteric to be useful, the Illuminas approach is deeply insightful, thought provoking and entertaining. In this paper the author explains semiotics in more detail and the new approach from Illuminas.
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Making your brand Facebook friendly
01/10/2007 | By Illuminas
Illuminas study highlights uniqueness of social networking and how Brands need to fit in to "the community" The remarkable success of social networking has attracted a great deal of attention in the marketing industry. But why has social networking been so uniquely successful? A recent study conducted by Illuminas traces its popularity to its ability to replicate group behaviour.
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